Monday, November 29, 2010

Special Report: The Cat Lady

By Christian Jennings

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – It's hard not to love kittens. They're cute and little, furry and sweet. But what about 20 of them? Even 100?

It sounds unmanageable and downright crazy to own that many cats but believe it or not some people do. They're often called animal hoarders and in many cases the secret obsession is kept a secret.

Their intentions are good, but sometimes people who take in strays, let the strays take over.

Beverly Foss doesn't mind being called the neighborhood cat woman. "There's worse things to be called," Foss said.

Tiny is the latest addition to her 26 member family. "They come in there and get on the bed. I have a king size bed, so quite a few get on it."

Stray cats have quickly become her replacement children. She started taking in cats during the flood of '98, devoting her space and finances to cat food. $40 a week, at least...." More & video

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