Monday, November 21, 2011

When home is a health hazard, county steps in

Rebecca Clark

It only took one day to condemn the yellow house on McBrayer Street Extension.
After a neighbor complained about a horrible odor coming from the house and a tip came in about dozens of animals living inside with the owners, Cleveland County Animal Control was called to investigate in late August.
When animal control officers walked through the doors, they found around 60 cats and dogs inside with about a dozen more living in sheds at the back of the property. 
‘Imminent health hazard’
The Cleveland County Health Department director was called, and after a quick inspection, the house was labeled an “imminent hazard.”
Health Department Director Dorothea Wyant described an imminent hazard as something that could affect the health of the person living at the home or the health of surrounding neighbors.
“It didn’t take me five seconds to look through this house to see that this is an imminent health hazard,” Wyant said.
She said she filed an abatement order commanding the owners, Carolyn and Guy Owens, to leave, and the building was prepared for demolition..."  More

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