Wednesday, November 30, 2011

AKC Judge Accused of Hoarding - Burien / Issaquah, WA

Nov 30, 2011:  Owner of 100 seized dogs is dog show judge

By Denise Whitaker

SEATTLE -- A woman accused of hoarding dozens of dogs in deplorable conditions is a dog show judge.

Last month, King County deputies seized 100 dogs from homes in Burien and Issaquah after an anonymous tipster sent video documenting the animals' living conditions to Pasado's Safe Haven, an animal rescue group.

The footage, which was obtained by KOMO News on Wednesday, showed rusted cages matted with pet hair, dogs crammed in feces-infested cages, and empty food and water bowls.

Pasado turned the video over to the King County Sheriff's Office, which launched an investigation. Local rescue groups and veterinarians stepped in to care for the Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and Japanese Chin dogs taken from the homes.

Then on Wednesday came the shocking revelation: "One of the owners of the dogs that were in such deplorable condition is actually a judge for the American Kennel Club," said Amber Chenoweth of Pasado's Safe Haven. 

KOMO News has learned one of the judge's dogs won a coveted award in February at the Westminster Kennel Club Show. The woman said her attorney advised her against commenting on the ongoing investigation.

Pasado's is asking prosecutors to file 14 counts of animal cruelty against the woman for the 14 dogs that had to be euthanized due to illness..."  More & video

Oct 11, 2011:  Police seize 62 dogs from home in ‘animal hoarding’ case

King County animal control officers seized 62 dogs from a Cougar Mountain home in Issaquah — and 38 more from a Burien home — Oct. 6 in a case investigators described as “animal hoarding.”

In a raid on the Burien house, King County Sheriff’s Office deputies and Regional Animal Services of King County officers discovered 38 ill Chihuahua, Japanese Chin and Pomeranian dogs in dirty crates. Then, investigators searched a house in the 5900 block of 189th Avenue Southeast on Cougar Mountain, about a mile south of Cougar Mountain Zoo.
Veterinarians later euthanized nine dogs from the Burien house due to poor health. The day after the raids, veterinarians euthanized another dog due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Investigators said the animals from the Issaquah house appeared to be in good health and housed in clean crates, although the condition of the house prompted animal control officers to take the dogs into custody.
“This is a very sad situation,” Glynis Frederiksen, Regional Animal Services of King County interim manager, said in a statement. “Most of the dogs had fur matted with dirt and other debris, some had eye problems and several were in need of dental care. Our officers and volunteers have done an excellent job in taking care of these dogs under extraordinary circumstances.”..."  More

Oct 7, 2011:  Sheriff:  Animal hoarding probe turns up 100 dogs in crates

Officers investigating a tip about animal hoarding Thursday found 100 dogs packed into crates at two homes - some of them in such pathetic condition that they had to be euthanized.

King County Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. John Urquhart said an investigation into the animal hoarding began after detectives received a tip from Pasado's Safe Haven, an animal rescue group.

Thirty-eight of the dogs were found at a residence in Burien, and another 62 were discovered shortly afterward at a home in Issaquah.

Officers served a search warrant at about 6:15 p.m. Thursday at a home in the 1300 block of SW 120th St. in Burien, where they found 38 Chihuahua, Pomeranian and Chin dogs.

Urquhart said all of the dogs were in poor health and kept in extremely filthy dog crates. Fourteen were immediately taken to a veterinarian’s office and nine were euthanized..."  

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