Monday, November 28, 2011

Animals Seized From House in Corning

By:  Joe Melillo

Neglected animals need a home tonight after Sheriffs Deputies rescued them from a garbage and feces-filled home over the weekend. A local business is asking for help finding the pets new homes. The owners of Jungle Critters on Market Street are doing everything they can to help more than a dozen animals find new homes. Linda Holmes and Brenda Gleason were on scene this weekend when police found six people and more than 20 animals living in squalor in a two bedroom house in corning. They say its one of the worst examples of animal hoarding they had ever seen. All the dogs and cats have been spayed and neutered and given a clean place to stay while they wait for a new home.

Linda Holmes is the co-owner of Jungle Critters and a dog control officer for the past 14 years. shes never seen anything like what she saw this weekend.

“19 dogs a dead puppy there were feces and urine all over the floor I just cant understand that people can survive in that type of condition.”

Home owner, 82 year old Catherine Pacitti, called police asking for help removing her older brother and four other people living in the home. When police arrived they found 19 dogs, two puppies five cats, and one dead puppy living with five adults and an infant in this two bedroom house in Corning. The dead puppy was in the baby's playpen...."  More & video

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