Saturday, November 19, 2011

Animals seized, children taken from Harrison Co. home

by Adrianna Hopkins

HARRISON COUNTY, Ind. – Two children are taken from their mother after authorities find sick animals on her property in southern Indiana. Officials say she is an animal hoarder who was posing as a person who runs an animal rescue shelter.

Animal Control Officer Bruce LaHue found dozens of cats at a home in Harrison County with eye infections, open sores and other medical issues. He says the owner of the house was posing as the director of an animal rescue shelter.

Jerri Warren was looking for a safe place for seven stray cats she had taken care of for six months when she came across this woman. Jerri had placed an advertisement on MySpace and the woman contacted her.

"I'm thinking she's legit, she looks legit and sounds legit,” said Warren.

Warren met the woman and gave her the cats. Later that night she called to check on the cats, but did not get an answer. After not getting an answer the next morning either, she decided to track the woman down and go to her house.

"I was really upset. When I saw the house I started to cry. I ran and called police. I was really upset,” said Warren.

Officials showed up and said the smell of urine and feces was overwhelming. At the end of the day, they took 36 cats, four chickens and three dogs from the house. Child Protective Services also took custody of the woman's two children..."  More & video

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Anonymous said...

To Whom It May Concern,

I have written to you before about this story..................

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Animals seized, children taken from Harrison Co. Home

This is NOT a hoarding story, this is a story of governmental corruption. You do a poor job of getting facts to post stories about because if you did a good job you would had followed up with the VICTIMS which is my family about what this is over, you would had heard ALL the news stories where LaHue story changes from me being a hoarder to now me being a rescue, and you would had learned that we are suing them and that started February 2011. You would had also learned due to me filing a tort claim on LaHue and Harrison County that this is retaliation because LaHue is an ex cop and his cronnies are out to take me, a no kill cat shelter down. You would also learn I am also suing the person that started this with LaHue, the Department of Child Services.

Now, this is my last time I am going to tell you to take this down. I will be suing Lahue for defamation and any person that has anything negative about me or my family still up on the Internet WILL BE INCLUDED in that suit.
Your choice, I am giving you the option.
Samantha Lee