Monday, November 21, 2011

Animal Hoarding = Major Problem

by Jennifer Nicole Cox

Many people aren’t quite sure if they’ll be able to tell if someone is an animal hoarder or not.  Well, luckily there are many signs that may suggest someone is an animal hoarder.  I’ve listed a few of the most familiar signs below.
  • The animal owner’s home reeks of ammonia, their floors are covered in dried feces and urine, and there are fleas present.
  • The animal owner has so many animals in their possession that they’ve lost count.
  • The animal owner is isolated from their community.
Animal hoarding is a form of animal cruelty and the consequences can have long-term effects.  Even if animals are rescued from a hoarding situation, they’ll still continue to have health problems.  Animal shelters receive most of the animals that are taken from these situations, but they may be unable to provide immediate treatment to many of them.  Also, many of the animals at the shelter may be un-adoptable due to health or behavioral problems, leaving euthanasia as the only option.  And guess who’ll be responsible for the cost of rescuing, treating, feeding and euthanizing these poor animals?  You, the taxpayer, will!  Yep!  The tax payers will be paying for this mess!  However, these poor dogs will be paying the ultimate price..."  More

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