Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Joe Wilson, Circus World Pets - Oregon

Nov 23, 2011:  Pets rescued from Newport store up for adoption

The Oregon Humane Society is hoping to findhomes for more than 50 pets seized from a Newport pet store suspected of animal neglect.
The OHS will offer the animals for adoption on Friday.
Humane society workers say, in all, they seized 264 animals and about 800 fish during the September bust at Circus World Pets on Southwest Coast Highway. The OHS says this was after an investigation that included several visits to the pet store. In October, OHS cited the owner for animal neglect.
In November, ownership of the pets was turned over to OHS. The animals include 11 puppies, 31 birds, three chinchillas, 70 rats, four gerbils, and 114 mice.
Investigators say they tried to help the owner with extensive care, housing and feeding of the pets, but OHS eventually asked for and received a court order to seize them..."  More

October, 2011:  700 animals seized from Newport pet store


A Newport man faces 30 animal neglect charges after nearly 700 animals were seized from his pet store last month, the Oregon Humane Society reported Friday.
Investigators charged Joe Wilson, the owner of Circus World Pets in Newport, with four counts of first-degree animal neglect and 26 counts of second-degree animal neglect, according to Barbara Baugnon with OHS.
OHS had been investigating the store since April, when the agency received several complaints about conditions inside the store.
Investigators in September served a search warrant and seized nearly 700 animals, including 500 fish.
OHS is commissioned by the Oregon governor to investigate animal cruelty crimes in the state.
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Sept 25, 2011:  Newport pet rescue largest ever for Oregon Humane Society

In the largest animal seizure of its kind for the Oregon Humane Society, 169 animals were rescued from a Newport pet store Wednesday, authorities said.

The rescue included 30 birds, 11 puppies and dozens of reptiles.

OHS officials said this was the culmination of a six month investigation into concerns of animal neglect at Circus World Pet Store in Newport.

Investigators said have been trying to work with the business since April, but eventually decided to move in and take the animals, in order to protect them..."  More

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