Saturday, June 27, 2009

Woman arrested in 2nd case in a week

By:  Gloria Gomez

BLOOMINGDALE - For the second time in a week, a woman has been charged with hoarding dozens of cats in her house, and deputies say many of them are in bad health.

Constance Biebel, the secretary of the Bloomingdale Homeowners Association, has been arrested for animal cruelty. Investigators raided her home on Minuteman Lane in Bloomingdale Friday morning and took most of the cats. One more came out of hiding hours later.

"If they had remained there, they would have died there," said Pat Perry of Hillsborough Animal Services.

Animal Control says there were 28 cats in bad shape, living in terrible conditions. Investigators say many of them will have to be put down.

"They are emaciated, losing hair, open sores, some of them can't close their mouths," Perry said.

Biebel was arrested at her home and is charged with cruelty to animals. She is in jail on $70,000 bond..."  More

Deputies seize 28 cats from woman; most to be euthanized