Sunday, June 28, 2009

13 Dogs Rescued From Florence Home

myFOXaustin (Austin) - It's only been a day after 13 dogs were rescued but already shelter visitors are admiring the long haired small breeds.

"These puppies are absolutely precious very socialized very clean they're beautiful." said Tessa Sherill. It's a stark contrast compared to the way they arrived at the Williamson County Humane Society Friday Afternoon.

The dogs were believed to be living in unhealthy conditions when authorities seized the dogs. Among them papillons, miniature pinchers, dauchsons, and even a maltese.   

"Many of them were found inches deep in fecal matter and we were able to pull them out and give them all baths." said Wilco Humane Society Executive Director Juliana De Rosa.   

The dogs were found to be infested with fleas and ticks. De Rosa said their owner was likely hoarding or even carelessly breeding the animals. One of the dogs tested positive for heart worm, while a miniature pincher has a skin disease and she came in giving birth to stillborn puppies..."  More