Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Neglected Animals Seized In Southest Dallas

Dallas -- Nearly 30 dogs were seized in Southeast Dallas and then released back to their owners. The dogs lived in the 3700 block of Cotton Lane. 
The person who owns the land called for help after he saw the shape the dogs were in.  Photos obtained by CBS 11 News shows some dogs were dead with maggots all over them, others were covered with files and had open sores. All of the water bowls for the animals were rusting and they had no food.  "These dogs, from the pictures I saw, were in terrible shape," said Jonnie England with Metroplex Animal Coalition.  England had other comments after seeing the photos CBS 11 News obtained. "To me this is a clear cut case of animal cruelty… cruelty through neglect," she said. "[Neglect] if he didn't feed dogs or seek medical care and they were allowed to just die."..."  More

Public domain photo