Thursday, June 4, 2009

92 live pets, 16 dead found in Gainesville home

By Lise Fisher, The Gainesville Sun

Animal control officers seized more than 90 animals Wednesday from the home of a Gainesville woman who apparently had been hoarding the pets.

The animals, most small dogs, were discovered at the home on the 400 block of NW 31st Lane when a search warrant was served at the residence.

Investigators found 92 live animals at the single-story home, including dogs, cats, a bird and a turtle, according to county's Animals Services Division. They also located 16 dead animals, most of them dogs.

Officials had been attempting to work with the woman regarding the care of her animals for at least a year, but the situation had reached a point where she refused to cooperate with them, said David Flagler, the agency's director.

When officers arrived at the home, they discovered almost twice as many animals as they had expected. Most of the animals appeared underweight. Some were emaciated... More

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