Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another Rabbit Hoarder Arrested With 334 Bunnies

Now New Mexico police have cited Nancy Haseman for having 334 rabbits when the city ordinance limits her to five pets.

Haseman says it all started when she rescued a rabbit over a decade ago and then a few more. They just kept breeding despite her attempts to separate the genders. Rescue groups have found homes for about half her remaining rabbits.

Miriam Sakewitz never got into the 300s, she was caught in October 2006 the first time around with nearly 250 rabbits, including 100 dead ones in freezers and fridges. The next year she broke into the facility where her remaining rabbits were being cared for and stole most of them back. She was caught again, sentenced to five years probation and given a rabbit-restraining order. That didn't stop her: She was arrested last week with 13 live rabbits hopping around her hotel.."  More