Tuesday, June 23, 2009

NM woman hoards 334

Reporter: Maria Medina

RIO RANCHO (KRQE) - Rio Rancho Police Officer and Spokesperson John Francis said Monday the county's animal control division discovered 334 hopping bunnies in one woman's backyard.

Nancy Haseman has been cited for violating a city ordinance that allows five pets per household, and for failing to restrain her animals.

An animal control officer reported spotting rabbits running around Haseman's front yard.
So far rescue groups, mainly House Rabbit Society, have found homes for more than half of Haseman's 334 rabbits.

The discovery was made last month and the House Rabbit Society is still on the lookout for people who'd like to adopt the rest of Haseman's bunnies.

Haseman said it began with one rabbit 12 years ago, when her husband rescued a bunny from a neighbor who had abandoned the pet..." More