Sunday, June 21, 2009

SPCA removes animals from home


Caledon OPP officers and the OSPCA attended a residence in Caledon Village on Tuesday, June 16 at 10:30 a.m. to investigate concerns about animal welfare.

"The officers were called by the SPCA to keep the peace while the SPCA was investigating a residence on Highway 10 regarding the welfare of the animals," explained Caledon OPP Constable Jonathan Beckett.

"We did attend the property yesterday morning with a warrant," confirmed Kristen Williams, OSPCA public relations manager. "We were responding to a number of complaints we had received concerning an odour coming from the house. We found 11 dogs and three cats in distress."

All of the dogs were full-grown Briards, a large breed of fluffy French sheepdogs. "They are very large; they look like small bears," said Williams. "They're a high maintenance breed from a grooming perspective and they were very matted and very dirty when they found them."
Two Persian cats and one Domestic Short Hair were also found in the home.

"The animals are currently in our care receiving some medical attention," said Williams. "They are seized at this time, so they still belong to the owner, but we are considering charges."

Town of Caledon by-laws limit the number of dogs in a house to three and require that they all be licensed.
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