Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update on animal neglect case in Timpson

Animals still waiting to be rescued

By Donna McCollum 

TIMPSON, TX (KTRE) - The Timpson animal neglect case is an ongoing investigation. Shelby County deputies were ready to file civil seizure documents on Monday. The process was postponed until the Houston SPCA could prepare for a rescue. By Tuesday animal rescuers were restricted to the roadside. The SPCA returned to Houston. Now, the owner and her son have hired an attorney. Next week they'll meet with investigators...  More

TIMPSON, TX (KTRE) - An obviously malnourished dog barely has enough energy to way his tail. His companion isn't so trusting as he slinks away barking at the stranger. The people who provided the East Texas News images of animals in need say there are about 50 dogs in the same kind of shape. As well as horses, the ones that are still alive that is. Representatives from the SPCA, Houston branch are scheduled to be in Timpson tomorrow to scout out the animals' needs..."  More