Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lethal Ammonia Levels Found In Man's Home With 49 Animal

By Christine Kennedy, WITN

Animal urine and feces created a stench so bad neighbors were forced to call Bertie County Officials. They say what produced the nearly lethal ammonia levels at one man's home is shocking.

Bertie County Officials say they seized 46 dogs and three cats Thursday morning from one man's home in Lewiston.

Many of the animals are suffering from malnutrition, skin disorders, and abnormal social behaviors.

Bertie County Sheriff Greg Atkins says no charges have been filed as of Thursday evening, but misdemeanor animal cruelty charges will most likely be served Friday.

One state veterinarian involved in the case says the ammonia levels produced by the animal waste was the highest she's ever seen."

Workers at the Bertie County Animal Shelter say this man may have picked up nearby pets.

Bertie County Animal Shelter says if you are missing a pet and live in the Lewiston area, your pet may be involved in Thursday's seizure of 46 dogs and 3 cats. The shelter says they have pictures of every animal, and you will have the opportunity to claim your pet

Call the Bertie County Humane Society at 252-325-3647...  More

Bertie County Humane Society