Monday, May 4, 2009

Update: Court must set custody hearing on dogs seized from McLennan County house

By Erin Quinn, Waco Now

Texas -- A McLennan County court has 10 days to schedule a hearing regarding the custody of 78 dogs seized from an Elm Mott home Friday...

McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Randy Plemons said the dogs were kept in “deplorable” conditions. He said no charges have been filed in connection with the alleged puppy mill, as investigators are in the process of interviewing suspects and witnesses...

Plemons said three to five dogs were being kept in 2-by-2 or, at the most, 2-by-4-foot cages. Feces in the cages had hardened, he said, and had spread the length and width of each cage, and was stacked two to six inches high...

Deputies found a 55-gallon barrel filled with decomposing dog carcasses, and another full of dead goats. Also on the property was a dirt pile with goat legs sticking out the top..."  More

May 1, 2009:  Seizure Of 78 Dogs Strains Local Animal Shelter's Resources

"...McLennan County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Plemmons said it was “one of the worst cases of animal cruelty we’ve seen in this county in a long time.”

On Friday, deputies found some dogs in cages normally used to hold rabbits, Plemmons said..."  More & video