Monday, May 18, 2009

Animal Hoarding - Alone in a Crowded Room

Animal Hoarding - Alone in a Crowded Room

Our experiences with hoarders began with the attempt to understand or rationalize their behaviors, and to answer our own questions and those affected by hoarders. We’ve come to the conclusion that hoarding is like a drug: the “addict” is unable to control their impulses or their need for their “drug”; they make excuses, often pleading and making manipulative promises and statements, trying to protect their lifestyle and justify their behavior.

Once we put it within this perspective we could better understand that the hoarder, not unlike a drug addict, needs psychological help, far beyond our capacity. They need professional intervention, counseling and follow-up care. But where to begin?

This is where we hope we can help. We have done our best to set this website up with all the current information available: up-to-date research, guidelines, news stories etc. If it’s out there on the web we will post it here, and will continue to update and add information...

We hope this website will offer you some comfort and assistance. Having a hoarder in your life is not easy; while they are bright and charming people, they are also hard to say ‘no’ to, and hard to rationalize with. Do not lose hope, but be prepared to set goals and limits for yourself. It is important you do not get lost and also become “alone in a crowded room.”.. More