Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Puppy Mill Operator Kathy Bauck Sentenced

A Minnesota dog breeder who supplied hundreds of pets to Chicago area stores and to customers over the Internet was sentenced to jail Friday for animal torture.  The 2 Investigators broke the story about conditions at the Pick of the Litter farm. Pam Zekman has a follow-up report.  

The case against Kathy Bauck relied on this undercover video showing how she treated the puppies she sold and the mothers that bred them.  An investigator for the Companion Animal Protection Society worked for Bauck, documenting how dogs were dunked in a toxic insecticide meant for swine. Badly injured dogs were in need of veterinary care.  

But Friday the judge zeroed in on the emaciated condition of a mastiff to sentence Bauck to 20 days in jail for animal torture that lead to its death..."  More & video