Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thirty-three cats found in Plattsmouth rental home

By Patti Jo Peterson

PLATTSMOUTH - Thirty-three cats, two dogs, three ferrets, a wild rabbit and an indeterminate amount of wild mice were found in a Plattsmouth rental house today.

According to Plattsmouth Animal Control Officer Sue Baker many of the animals are sickly and in need of medical care.

"It's sickening. The environment is unhealthy," Baker said. "The cats had cockroaches crawling on them in the kennels."

"They had plenty of food but their living conditions and health is really in question."

Baker and other members of Plattsmouth Police Department removed the animals from the house, 613 Second Ave., where they lived with Cheryl Lillie, Linda Lillie, Beverly Lillie, Dan Wallace and Robert Airhart...

Baker explained, however, that people who take in this amount of animals do not see their actions as cruel.

"It's animal hoarding," Baker explained. A person thinks if he or she doesn't take care of these animals, nobody will, she explained.

"They want to feel like they are needed," Baker said.

Baker said had the police not intervened at the rental house, as many as 500 animals might have been kept there.

"Several were pregnant and several had litters," Baker said.

Kenan said the situation was brought to the attention of police early this week.

"Up until the day, Sue was the only one at the house. She suspected at least 30 cats were inside," Kenan said.

When Cheryl Lillie was questioned about the number of animals, she told Baker, "No way do I have 30 cats in this house."

Child protective services found a place for the 80-year-old Beverly Lillie to stay...  

Public domain photo