Wednesday, May 20, 2009

92 dogs seized from suburban home

By JANET KELLEY, Lancaster On-Line

"...Officials said the home at 87 Linda Ave., located off Old Philadelphia Pike near Greenfield Road, belongs to 41-year-old Terri Palmer-Roby, who was operating the "Pendragwn Chow Chow Rescue."...

"Conditions at the home had deteriorated into a classic hoarding situation, resulting in unsanitary and unhealthy living conditions for both the dogs and the people," Megan Gallagher-Clark, the Humane League's vice president of development, said this morning.

The woman operating the rescue, Palmer-Roby, voluntarily signed over the dogs to the Humane League, officials said. At press time, no charges had been filed against her..." More & video

Photo courtesy of Celine