Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Skeletal remains of two cats found, 23 others found alive in Lake Worth woman's home

By Alexandra Seltzer

After removing 23 cats and skeletal remains from a Lake Worth home Tuesday, Animal Care and Control investigators today said they have another job to do: find the woman who owns the residence and the animals.

The investigation into the home at 430 North B St., south of 10th Avenue North, started Tuesday after Crime Stoppers received a tip from someone claiming the owner of the home was hospitalized and more than 30 dogs and cats were left inside, said Animal Care and Control Lt. Misti Scaggs.
Officers left paperwork on the home’s front door with hopes that the owner would contact them.
However, the owner never did.
Investigators went back to the home Tuesday for a follow-up and, because of the complaint they received and the “foul smell” coming out of the home, they executed a search warrant and entered the home.

“There was a lot of clutter, a lot of urine, a lot of feces,” Scaggs said. “It was a typical kind of hoarder-like house.”..."  More & video

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