Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Donna & Maggie Johnson - Monterey, California

Aug 23, 2012:  2 women charged in California cat hoarding case

A mother and daughter were charged Thursday in connection with an animal hoarding case after authorities recovered 51 neglected cats from their coastal California house and discovered 113 dead kittens in a nearby apartment.

Donna Johnson, 46, faces three felony animal cruelty charges, and she and her mother, 79-year-old Maggie Johnson, face three misdemeanor neglect charges.

Seaside police and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for Monterey County discovered the animals July 24 while conducting two searches. They investigated after a property manager alerted them about potential hoarding.

SPCA Sgt. Stacy Sanders, the lead investigator, said authorities discovered 113 dead newborn kittens in an apartment where Donna Johnson had been living on and off.

Authorities followed a tip that more cats were moved to a nearby house owned by Maggie Johnson. There, they found 51 adult cats who were alive, but sick and neglected.

"The cats were living in extremely horrible conditions," Sanders told the Associated Press in July. "They were separated into two groups and locked into rooms with little to no ventilation. The floors were saturated in urine and feces."..."  More

July 26, 2012:  Monterey SPCA: 113 dead kittens found at Seaside cat-nabber's home

By Amy Larson

Monterey County SPCA officers said they found 51 sick and neglected cats, as well as 113 dead kittens, in an apartment and house in Seaside on Tuesday.
"No live kittens were found," Beth Brookhouser of the SPCA said.
Officers believe many of the cats were pets of other Seaside residents until they were cat-napped off the street by a cat hoarder.
If you are missing a cat and believe your pet may have been stolen by the hoarder, contact the SPCA with a photograph. The SPCA said it would reunite owners with their missing feline friends.
The hoarder's two properties are near Noche Buena Street and Wanda Avenue in Seaside, police said.
After Tuesday's rescue, the 51 cats were brought to the SPCA's shelter off Highway 68 and staff members worked late into the evening providing medical care for each cat..."  More

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