Friday, August 17, 2012

Linda Davis, 'Save a Dog, Save a Cat' animal shelter worker, accused of 'animal hoarding'

A no-kill rescue group is under investigation after county animal care and control workers removed 23 live cats and the skeletal remains of two cats from a rotting home in Lake Worth Tuesday.

Investigators confirmed that the home is owned by Linda Davis, a longtime employee of the Boynton Beach shelter 'Save a Dog, Save a Cat,' or SADSAC.

Authorities believe Davis was hospitalized, leaving the animals alone in the home.
They're also calling this a tragic case of 'animal hoarding.'

Workers with Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control arrived at the around 7 p.m. Tuesday and worked into the night sifting through filth to find animals in bad shape..."  More & photos (graphic)

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Anonymous said...

According to the internet, she's the director of the rescue group. How did the happen and what else is going on with this group? They're in the Boynton Beach Petsmart adopting out these abused cats??