Monday, August 27, 2012

Hoarding of infected cats discovered

By Pamela Cote

White County Animal Shelter representatives have discovered yet another case of animal hoarding, this time at a residence in the eastern portion of the county, where they believe at least 40 cats, all with respiratory infections and ulcerated eyes, were living in a home that, in many places, was reportedly piled chest-high with garbage and waste.

According to Ronni Connelly, of White County Animal Shelter, a young man lives in the residence and refused to surrender the animals when a deputy from White County Sheriff Department went to the property. Connelly said the officer threatened to arrest him for his lack of proper care for the animals, who were all visibly very ill and close to death, with oozing eyes and lacerations on their faces.

“Hoarding doesn’t start because people hate animals,” Connelly said. “They like them. But there’s something in their brains that makes them think that they are doing a good thing.”

Representatives from the shelter went to the home Aug. 20 to try to collect the cats, with the permission of the sheriff department. Connelly said the sheriff department told her if she felt the animals’ lives were in danger, she had the right to seize the animals..."  More

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