Thursday, August 2, 2012

Signs that your neighbor is hoarding animals

By DeAnn Smith

Kansas City's animal shelter is overflowing with cats and many have come in because of animal hoarders.

KC Pet Project's Tori Fugate said 143 animals have come into the shelter in the past week and supplies are desperately needed.

Fugate said preventing animal hoarding is of utmost concern.

"It could save the lives of a lot of animals," she said.

Research indicates that two-thirds of animal hoarders are women with many of them unmarried. Hoarding often begins in their 30s. Many are well educated with some college education. 

Fugate said you should keep an eye out for changes in your neighbor's habits.

"Some of the signs are seeing them take in a lot of supplies as in more than you would normally see with the average pet owner," Fugate said. "If there is a smell coming from the house or a lot of trash."..."  More & video

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