Wednesday, August 29, 2012

162 animals seized from Plymouth, Mass. home

It's being called a real-life animal house.

Authorities in Plymouth, Mass. say three people have been arrested and arraigned on animal-cruelty charges.

Four-month-old Flower the calf is just one of 162 animals police in Plymouth, Mass. confiscated from 3 Indian Avenue.

Goats, a ram, rabbits and dozens of fowl were all found in close quarters in a pen behind the home. Bags of trash were also piled high in the pen.

A couple who lives nearby says at times they heard the animals.

"I hear a rooster and a lamb or something," one woman said.

All 162 animals were taken to a shelter in Dedham run by the Animal Rescue League of Boston after police visited the home back in June.

"One dog in particular had killed some of the smaller rabbits and poultry," Lt. Alan Borgal said of the conditions at the home.

Lt. Borgal says some of the animals were covered in mites and showing signs of neglect. He adds that the water available to the animals was filled with feces..."  More

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