Monday, August 13, 2012

Animals seized from Hialeah home

Authorities have seized dozens of sick animals from a townhouse.
Hialeah Police and the State Attorney's Office are investigating this as a case of animal cruelty. The authorities seized over 60 animals from the three-bedroom home of Ileana Arnais and Rubin Arrojo, located on West 26th Avenue, around 6 a.m. Thursday.
Miami-Dade county has a four dog limit per household not over thirty, as it turned out at this particular house. "I don't have over thirty," said Arnais, as she was placed in cuffs.
The animals found at the couple's home include dogs of all types of breeds, exotic birds and "about 10 cats, turtles, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, there is something in the back, which we don't know what it is because it is in some sort of a pond," said Hialeah City Council President Isis Garcia.
Officials said this is not the first time the home has been found with this many animals. After a groomer alerted police of deplorable conditions in the home, between the months of April and May, they took 34 animals, mostly dogs, from the residence. "We tried to go about it through civil remedies, get a code enforcement, get an inspector. We weren't getting much cooperation," said Carl Zogby of the Hialeah Police Department..."  More

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