Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dozens of animals seized in Boiling Springs

Dozens of animals were seized in Boiling Springs on Wednesday.
Investigators said there were cats that were living in crates in a dark house with no electricity. Some of cats had never seen a litter box, and their eyes are barely adjusted to normal light.
Emily Phillips, 12, discovered the cats while walking around the block.
“I thought it was really mean,” she said.
“She went in that house and discovered the cats were in there. She came home crying,” her sister, Ashlee Phillips, said.
Animal Control said it found dogs in cages at a home in Boiling Springs, and more cats in a barn.
“They were dying,” Ashlee Phillips said. “They were suffering.”
The roof of the house was also caving in. Animal Control showed Eyewitness News pictures from inside the home, where the floor was gone.
They said the condition in the crates was worse.
“The pet carriers they were living in were full of feces, full of urine,” Animal Control Supervisor Trip Bowling said.
He said the water bowls had mosquito larva in the dark-colored water.
He said their owner, Carolyn Kirby, used to live there but moved out. She continued to take in strays and bring them to the house, he said..."  More & video

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