Thursday, May 17, 2012

Woman charged with 39 counts in animal hoarding case

A Red Rock woman has surrendered 19 dogs and faces 39 charges related to animal hoarding, and now the High Desert Humane Society has many of those dogs, which were mostly in good shape, up for adoption.
Holly Fagerlund, 30, was charged in Silver City Magistrate Court with one count of cruelty to animals, for maintaining 37 dogs in highly unsanitary, unhealthful, and believed to be hazardous conditions, 18 counts of failure to license the dogs, 18 counts of failure to provide rabies vaccinations, and one count of failure to maintain a kennel license.
The case was brought to the attention of the Grant County Sheriff s Department by Animal Protection New Mexico, which had been tracking Fagerlund for more than a year, court documents show, to several locations in the state including Corrales, Polvadera, and Edgewood, due to complaints of animal hoarding in those locations.
Along with the 37 dogs, Fagerlund also had a cockatoo, two geese, and four horses including a miniature. After Sheriff s deputies and employees and a volunteer from the High Desert Humane Society visited her property on May 3, Fagerlund agreed to give up 19 of the dogs, and agreed to give up in the future, one horse, and eight more of the dogs deemed to be suitable for adoption by the Humane Society...."  More

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