Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Is animal hoarding a local issue?


Everyone knows what a “cat lady” is, right?

For those of you not aware, it's usually an elderly woman who has an affinity for feline companions. That companionship could be in the double-digits. While it is many times made to look like a joke, it is no laughing matter.

What may begin as someone with good intentions trying to help homeless cats or dogs can become a health issue for both humans and pets. In the Cadillac area, there are multiple shelters that are overloaded and underfunded.

Is animal hoarding a problem locally? Find out what local shelters and animal control think about the issue as well as the position of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 

Two years ago, Michelle Kuz said one Osceola County home had in excess of 60 dogs. 

What originally had been a breeding operation quickly spun out of control and became a hoarding situation. Kuz is the director of the Osceola County Animal Shelter, and she said when situations like that one present themselves, the goal is to work with the person. The end result is an attempt to help the person as well as find homes for the animals rather than bringing them to the shelter, which is usually short on room and funding. .."  More

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