Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jeffersontown resident accused of hoarding cats

By Ann Bowdan

Feces, stench and half eaten rodents left on walkways led residents in one local community to call WLKY

They said one resident's hoarding of about two dozen cats has turned their neighborhood upside down.
There are plenty of children at play on Dolphin Court in Jeffersontown, but also plenty of cats. Neighbors said it's a hoarding situation that has them concerned.
"I'm tired of them coming in our yard, using the bathroom and stepping in it. And plus you got kids in the neighborhood who like to play with my daughter, I don't need all that crap back here," said resident Chris Gritton.
Residents said after years of stray cats in their yard, kittens killed on the roadway and a debilitating odor, they've had enough.
"I believe there are about 25 over there," said resident Paul Gaddie.
"I mean, that's pretty much out of control," said Gritton.
Residents said their neighbor allows dozens of cats to come and go as they please by leaving a window open. But they don't stay in the home.
Residents said they breed, grow and roam. Killing small animals and leaving them where children play, and even killing other pets like backyard chickens..."  More

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