Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two Women Charged With Endangering Children, Neglecting Animals

 by Betsey Bruce
An infestation of rodents, fleas and lice inside a home plus dead and neglected animals on the property prompted Wentzville police to take five children and dozens of animals into custody last week.
Formal charges against two women including the mother of the children  were filed Thursday by St. Charles County prosecutor Jack Banas. 36-year old Nadine Gaspar, the mother of the children faces five counts of child endangerment and one count of animal neglect.  Her roommate, 44-year old Shelia Cleek, faces identical charges.
The court documents accuse the women of exposing the children to unhealthy and unsanitary conditions in the home.  Police report dead animals were found inside and outside the home. There was a smell of urine in the home.
Wentzville police went to the home in the 17-hundred block of South Service Road West on May 8 after a complaint of animal hoarding and neglect.  They immediately obtained a search warrant to go inside.
“The house was overrun with rodents, mice, fleas, lice things like that were obviously there because of the animals. Very significant and a health risk,” said police Capt. Kevin Pyatt.  The Missouri Division of Family Services has since placed the children with a grandmother.
Dozens of dogs, cats, birds, a pygmy goat and a rabbit were taken to the Wentzville shelter operated by Animal Talk veterinary service.  Pyatt said several dead animals were found. Others were starving, living in cages that had not been cleaned out and without fresh water.
“There was not a lot of rubbish in the house,” Pyatt said but police found animal feces and food inside.  “The visibility of rodents fighting over food was very evident,” he said..."  More & video

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