Friday, May 4, 2012

Bernard Fairclothband Donna Faircloth - Venice, Florida

More than 250 dogs seized in raid at Venice home

By Lee Williams

Hundreds of dogs kept in chicken coops behind a South Venice home were rescued this week after anonymous tips led investigators to the property.

nimal control workers began the rescue operation Wednesday and by Friday had removed 263 dogs. At least 100 were taken to the county's Animal Services center on Bee Ridge Road, with many others being cared for by animal rescue facilities.
The dogs were well fed, but many had matted fur and open sores and some had hookworm and heartworm. All were infested with fleas.
"It was a horrible situation for them to be living in," said Lt. Scott Ortner, animal services director.
The property is owned by Bernard Faircloth, 61, and Donna Faircloth, 59.
Ortner said Donna Faircloth was a former breeder suffering from the economic downturn who did not want to euthanize the dogs, so over time it became a hoarding situation.
On Friday, Bernard Faircloth said his wife is clinically depressed and had started hoarding the animals at their home.
"I had no idea she had as many as she had," he said.
He said his wife faces three misdemeanor charges.
"My wife developed hoarding as a symptom of her depression," he said. "It started slow and then it continued and pretty soon you find yourself not looking at things."
He said it cost them about $1,200 a month for food and medicine. She also had about 100 birds at their home in the 200 block of High Point Drive, off Border Road.
They live in an expansive neighborhood with large lots and no deed restrictions.
Faircloth said his neighbors never complained to them about the animals.
He was grateful the Animal Services staff treated him and his family well...."  More & photo gallery

Hoarding: Animal services removes over 350 animals

"...Seventy dogs have already been transferred to area rescues and others will be moved today. Criminal charges against the owner are pending.
Adoptions will begin Monday at the earliest, and interested citizens can download an application and under Public Interest click Animal Services.
Animal Services urges interested citizens to not call until that time to ensure all staff members are available to care for the dogs, in addition to the other 122 dogs and cats that were already in the shelter..."  More & photo gallery

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Anonymous said...

5 years ago we bought a little dog from Mrs. Donna Faircloth not knowing the circumstances of her breeding only that this puppy seemed to bond to me emmideiately. We have had no end of problems with the poor little puppy. But we fell in love with him and had a feeling of something wrong that was then substantiated by a person I met who had worked for her at one time. This person reported her a couple of times but nothing was done. We fell in love with him problems and all,which he still has such as a deep fear of people. We can not take him with us any where or leave him with any one because one of the problems is separation anxiety. This woman, Donna Faircloth, deserves to be punished for her treatment of these poor little dogs.