Friday, May 25, 2012

Socorro Woman Cited for Cat Hoarding

SOCORRO — The Socorro County Sheriff’s Department served a warrant on Tuesday at 806 Fitch in Socorro after complaints that there were a potentially unhealthy number of cats living at the residence.
Law enforcement officials enter a home on Fitch Street in Socorro to remove dozens of cats from a woman’s home. Dozens more were found buried in the backyard.
Authorities had recovered at least 60 live cats from the house, many of them inbred and in poor condition. The corpses of three cats were also removed, one so decomposed that only skeletal remains were found.
In addition, more than 100 dead cats were discovered in shallow graves in the back yard and side yard that had to be removed. A crew will continue to work until all biological waste has been cleared from the premises.
The owner of the property, 52-year-old Mary Baca, was ordered to vacate the property and locks on the house were changed. No criminal charges have yet been filed..."  More

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