Sunday, July 17, 2011

Suspected animal hoarding reminds us to be alert

For the second time in as many weeks, local authorities have responded to suspected animal hoarding situations. The most recent case involving cats wasn't as bad as the one involving parrots, but both are troubling. We doubt these are the only instances of possible hoarding or mistreatment of animals in our county.

An Orlando group rescued 27 parrots living in unspeakable conditions outside of Sebring. As many as 50 parrots had died due to starvation, heat and other conditions that are unknown.

Living birds were caged with dead birds in the sweltering shack. When rescued, the birds had no food or water.

More recently, neighbors complained about a house in Sebring with extremely strong odors of cat urine and feces, as well as scratches on vehicles from cats crawling on them. The city of Sebring saw cages of live cats as well but determined they were in good health. However, the city condemned the house and posted it as such..." More

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