Monday, July 25, 2011

DA files two more cruelty charges against horse owner

By Sharon Dunn

A rural Evans man charged with cruelty to animals after authorities seized 12 horses from his property in late June is now facing nine total charges.

Jose Louis Meza-Franco, 33, was facing seven misdemeanor charges, each punishable by six to 18 months in the Weld County Jail upon a conviction.

The Weld District Attorney this week filed an additional two charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty. He is set to return to court with his attorney at 10:30 a.m. Aug. 18.

Weld County Court Judge Dana Nichols on Monday ordered Meza-Franco, through a court interpreter, to pay $1,220 in the next 10 days to cover the cost of care and hauling the animals since they were seized on June 28. That, however, will only be good until Thursday, after which he will have 10 days to pay $1,050 for the cost of the horses’ daily care for the next 30 days.

He has yet to post that initial bond, according to court records, but his time is not yet up.

Authorities said the animals had some ribs showing and some had other ailments because of injuries or disease, when they were seized. Authorities said some horses were standing in their own feces and urine in small, enclosed corrals with no light. .."

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Anonymous said...

This man has had animals returned to him, even with the history of abuse over a period of time. He lost 7 of the horses, but may be able to get some back, which is a terrible fate for these poor animals. The courts need to stop handing back these animals to their abusers. Only if people speak up will this change. The conditions these animals were found in was horrible and they were in emaciated, sick health. Speak up people otherwise this will never change!