Monday, July 25, 2011

200 Rabbits Seized In Animal Abuse Investigation

Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies seized 200 rabbits after they received a tip on a new animal abuse hotline. Investigators found the animals at Six Bells Farm, located at 75th and Alkire in Jefferson County, on Thursday afternoon.

Deputies said the animals didn’t have food or water, had matted hair and were kept in cages that appeared to have not been cleaned in weeks.

A neighbor said the owner, Debbie Bell, is a breeder, not a hoarder. Investigators said she isn’t a licensed breeder.

“I don’t think she would do anything to compromise the health of her animals. She’s put a lot of money and investment into them,” said Bell’s neighbor Jenny Ridgley.

“Anybody thinking logically would understand that keeping animals that are cramped together in conditions that have been described as deplorable, is unacceptable and needs to be addressed,” said Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Techmeyer..." More & video


s.cook said...

Just because a person is being accused of an action it does not follow that the person is guilty. A person does not have to have an official document or license to technically be a breeder or a farmer. There are many small farmers/breeders around the country. Having two hundred rabbits does not make one a horder. Rabbits are livestock, something people seem to have forgotten. It is not unreasonable to have two hundred head of cattle or even ten times that. Cattle are livestock and it would be assinine to call a person raising cattle an animal horder when the person has that many cows. The same goes for rabbits. Historically rabbits have been hunted for meet as well as farmed for meet. Angora rabbits have been farmed historically for wool production. Rabbits are still raised in the US for human consumption. Rabbit is very commonly used for human consumption in Europe. Yes people have rabbits as pets, but there are also those that have goats or pigs as pets. This does not change the fact that goats and pigs are livestock. Rabbits may make great pets for some people but lets not forget, they are first and foremost, livestock.

What we read in a small article in the newspaper or online, is far from all of the story, and may not be completely accurate. Before we lable a person or destroy a person's reputation, lets make sure we know all the facts.

Anonymous said...

So....let me understand this...just because something is classified as "livestock" means that it should be ok for that animal to have to live in its own urine and feces and be deprived of proper food and clean water? Really? How many "livestock" owners can you find for me that would agree with that? I don't guess too many. You, like a hundred other people, are commenting on something you know nothing about. YOU weren't on the property, YOU didn't see the conditions. Maybe you and everyone else on her side should be made to stand in a dark closet in your own feces and urine and made to drink the water you've crapped in day after day after day and then you can talk to me about how HER rights have been violated and how the police and animal cruelty investigators are out of line. Stupid people.