Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pinal County flush with hoarders

During the month of June, Pinal County Animal Care and Control (PCACC) were called to three separate homes to deal with animal hoarding situations. As awareness of hoarding as a disorder grows, so to do the number of reported cases of this unique form of animal abuse.

On June 21, 2011, PCACC a number of animals at a Gold Canyon, Arizona home. The animals were held in filthy conditions and several of the animals are barely clinging to life.

In total, 49 cats, a hen with a broken leg, three birds and three dogs have been removed from the home. Some of the cats are believed to be feral.

Members of the Apache Junction Fire Department assisted Pinal County Animal Control Officers with filtered masks to enable them to capture the animals in the home. The home contained layers of pet urine and fecal matter in multiple rooms.

Pending the outcome of the investigation, the woman responsible for the animals could face cruelty and neglect charges.

On June 24, PCACC responded to an animal hoarding case in Maricopa. The hoarding situation was discovered after Maricopa’s Fire Department responded to a call regarding an 83-year-old male paraplegic who was in distress.

Once firefighters arrived on scene, they noticed the man lying on a floor that was covered with debris and fecal matter. Numerous animals were present in the home. In total, nine dogs and seven cats were removed from the home..."

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