Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Latimer County Couple Surrenders Animals In Cruelty Case

Lacie Lowry

The owners of nearly 80 animals seized last month by the Latimer County Sheriff's Office on cruelty complaints have surrendered the animals to the county.

Anne and Shane Duhon signed the relinquish papers Tuesday afternoon at the Latimer County courthouse.

The sheriff's office seized the animals from the Cajun Country Ranch in Wilburton, where the couple lives with their children.

The county was charging the Duhons $4.00 per day to hold each animal for the 90-day period. The Duhons chose to give the animals up rather than pay the nearly $30,000 fee..." More

Couple Arrested For Animal Cruelty In Latimer County Rescue Group Raid

Lacie Lowry

A husband and wife who ran a Wilburton animal rescue were arrested and their three children taken by the state after authorities raided the Cajun Country Animal Rescue Ranch.

Anne and Shane Duhon were taken into custody on complaints of animal cruelty by Latimer County Sheriff's deputies, and over 75 animals have been taken from the property.

"I've been in law enforcement for ten years and I've never seen anything that bad," said Latimer County Sheriff Robbert Brooks.

The 15-acre Cajun Country Ranch was supposed to be a haven for animals, but the sheriff says it was the complete opposite.

"It was kinda like a horror movie with all the animals there. You could see the bones, see the ribs, see the backbones," he said.

After warning the ranch owners several times to clean up their operation, the sheriff says his office seized 79 animals from the property, mostly dogs, cats and horses.

The animals were reportedly severely malnourished and weren't getting any veterinary care. Investigators couldn't even catch all the dogs..." More & video

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Anonymous said...

I convinced my son to adopt from the Tulsa SPCA. He went yesterday and adopted one of the "Hoarder's"
dogs. He is so needy of human attention which he will get with my son and his family.