Thursday, July 21, 2011

HSMO announces seizure of 73 dogs from negligent Monett breeder


ST. LOUIS • Humane Society of Missouri officials said today that 73 dogs were taken from a breeding facility in Monett in the first large-scale animal seizure since the new Canine Cruelty Prevention Act took effect.

A temporary restraining order was received on June 28 for violations including failure to treat animals needing medical care, failure to maintain a clean facility and using a gun for euthanasia, among other things.

The animals, 73 dogs and puppies, were taken into custody Thursday. Included were cocker spaniels, labrador retrievers, American eskimos, poodles, beagles, papillions and Brussels griffons.

The breeder agreed to surrender the animals and her breeding license to the Humane Society of Missouri and agreed not to operate a dog-breeding facility for at least six years..." More

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