Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Than 40 Pets Removed From Motel

Psychological Evaluation Expected For Owner

WARREN, Mich. -- More than 40 cats and dogs were removed Tuesday from a motel in Warren.

Warren police said they received a tip that a woman was keeping animals in a room at the Motel 6 on Chicago Road.

Animal Control officer Tim Herig said the woman who was keeping the animals told them she had been evicted and was just buying time at the motel until she could find another house. Herig said the woman may have rented a car to transport the animals.

Herig said the woman checked in to the motel several days ago, but a friend of her's intervened with a call to police.

"He was a friend, concerned for her welfare. She knew she would be out of the motel soon so he offered to take her in but could not take all the animals," Herig said. "He didn't realize there were this many."

While some of the animals are in worse condition than others. All of the 41 cats and four dogs were covered in urine and feces. Animal Control officers said they found almost all of the cats packed two to a single carrier and that it appears some were never let out..."
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