Monday, December 21, 2009

Breeder kept cats in freezer


RSPCA chiefs had to put down 28 of cruel Innez Tyrell's 72 Persians after finding them in appalling conditions at her tiny two-bedroom house.

District Judge Bruce Morgan told the 60-year-old he had never heard of a case where so many animals had to be destroyed because of one person's actions.

He also branded her treatment of the cats "cruelty beyond belief" after hearing of the horrific conditions they had been kept in.

Rescuers were forced to stump up an incredible £100,000 for cattery and veterinary expenses to save the other 44 cats.

After a raid on Tyrell's home in Leegomery, Shrops, last year, investigators were stunned to find a scene of dead, dying and disease-ridden cats and a house full of animal faeces.
Corpses of four cats, three of them kittens, were found rotting in the freezer next to food for the other cats — and Tyrell's own food.

Telford Magistrates Court heard she had been selling the "beautiful" Persian cats for up to £300 each.

RSPCA prosecutor Paul Taylor said officers who raided the house were hit by a terrible smell.
He said: "One police officer, Inspector Sedden, had to leave the house as he almost vomited when he went in there.

"This is an officer of 20 years experience, so to get this reaction shows the level of ammonia in the air.

"Of the cats found many suffered ocular disease, dental disease, upper respiratory tract disease, and facial pioderma.

"One cat had severely deformed hind limbs and couldn't walk properly and should have been taken to the vets immediately.

"The hall stairs and landing of the house were covered in cat faeces and were stained with urine.

"This was not a case of a cat lover who had taken on too many cats to care for - this was a fully paid-up commercial cat breeder."

Tyrell sobbed as she told the court: "I just want to say sorry for what happened, I know they got into a mess but I love them so much.

"It was never a business, it has always been a hobby.

"All of us cat breeders keep cats for the same reason, we love them so much."

But Judge Morgan branded her actions "totally unacceptable".

He blasted her for causing so much expense to the RSPCA as he slapped her with a life ban from keeping cats.

He also ordered her to do 240 hours of community service and pay £5,000 costs.
Judge Morgan said: "I've never come across a case where so many animals have had to be destroyed over just one person's actions.

"You must have known what condition these cats were living in - the physical appearance of them show they were seriously suffering.

"The RSPCA had to pay nearly £100,000 in cattery and veterinary expenses. For that great British charity to lose so much money because of you is totally and utterly unacceptable." Link & photo