Friday, December 18, 2009

Chicago cop accused of neglecting animals at his suburban getaway


A Chicago cop is in the doghouse after being accused of neglecting animals he was keeping at his north suburban weekend getaway.

Officer Richard Kleinpass, 49, faces seven misdemeanor charges of cruelty to animals after five dogs and two birds were removed from his Lake County home in Grayslake last month.

Appearing in court Thursday, Kleinpass agreed to forfeit the animals and pay $3,375 to reimburse Lake County for the cost of veterinary bills, food and shelter since Nov. 30, when they were seized.

Lake County Judge Charles Johnson scheduled a Jan. 28 pretrial hearing for Kleinpass, who is facing a separate investigation by the Chicago Police Department's Internal Affairs Division. Kleinpass, a patrol officer in the Albany Park District, has been stripped of his police powers.

Kleinpass said the Village of Grayslake has been harassing him over the condition of his property and that the animal case is a result of that. He called the charges against him an overreaction. The animals were safe and secure, he said..." More