Sunday, December 13, 2009

Animals seized, Tampa woman faces 80 counts of animal cruelty


A 72-year-old Tampa woman will face 80 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty after dogs and cats were seized from her home today, investigators say.

Maxine Reynolds was charged early this afternoon, and 65 of her animals were removed from the home at 5117 Carey Road. Investigators initially came for 67 animals, but they let Reynolds keep her bird. An old, sick cat at the home was euthanized.

Most of the animals seized were Pomeranians, but there also were a few poodles, a Labrador retriever and three cats, said Marti Ryan, Hillsborough County Animal Services spokeswoman.

Investigators had been to the home before, and the resident surrendered 16 dogs on Aug. 6. "We continued to work with her, pleading with her to reduce the odor, reduce the population, improve the living conditions," animal services investigator Pam Perry said. "And she's failed to do that."

Investigators returned to the home Tuesday and saw "deplorable" conditions, including wall-to-wall feces and urine. There were also animals caked in urine and feces, Perry said.

Perry said the resident has bred dogs in Hillsborough County for 30 or more years and has advertised locally, including in The Tampa Tribune.

"She's 72 years old, and it's out of control," Perry said if the home. "And she's done. No more breeding.".." More