Sunday, December 13, 2009

BURIED ALIVE WITH 250 DOGS: Extreme Hoarding

"...Most hoarders, observers say, are physically incapable of throwing things out. They can't live in, or use, rooms like the kitchen for their intended use. They also experience extreme distress over their condition.

One of the things we know about hoarding is that the beliefs people have about their possessions are so powerful, that it's very difficult for them to get out of this behavior," said Frost, who also wrote the book "Buried in Treasures," co-written with Tolin. "If the person throws something away and experiences distress, and does it again and again, eventually, they won't have that extreme emotional response, throwing something away."

Unfortunately, not enough is known about this mental illness to diagnose, treat, and/or cure it. Compulsive hoarding can't be chalked up to eccentricity or a character flaw. It's more serious and harder to control than that. This is not laziness, criminal negligence or failure to attend to the responsibilities of life..." More