Saturday, December 5, 2009

40 animals found in hoarding situation in Colombia Heights

In late October 2009, Animal Humane Society Humane Agent Keith Streff was called by the City of Colombia Heights to assist in a case regarding nearly 40 animals being kept in unsanitary and unsafe conditions in a single residence. Nine complaints had been filed with the city against the owner of the animals from 2008–2009 prompting an Anoka County judge to issue a search warrant to inspect the home and care of the animals.

Each year, hundreds of animals are rescued by Animal Humane Society’s humane agents, the only two full-time professional humane agents in the state. Animals brought into its care include exotics, wildlife, agriculture and companion animals. The most recent case is one that is all too familiar for Agent Streff.

“Cases of animal hoarding are fast becoming common reports on the local news,” he said. “But these cases have been taking place in our communities for years. I’ve been investigating these types of situations since I began my work as a humane agent 22 years ago.”

Streff entered the Colombia Heights home with officials on October 28, 2009. During the investigation they found garbage, debris and a significant amount of animal urine and feces throughout the residence. A total of 36 felines and two canines were living inside the home which was later condemned..."