Sunday, January 8, 2012

Susan Marino, Angel's Gate Animal Hospice Owner, Charged With Cruelty


DELHI, N.Y. — Susan Marino started Angel's Gate animal hospice more than a decade ago to care for animals with special needs: Dogs paralyzed after being hit by cars; cats with severe deformities; a Labrador retriever born without lower limbs, now fitted with orthotics.
A registered nurse who for more than 35 years specialized in emergency and critical care, mental health, and the care of critically and terminally ill children and their families, Marino went back to school and became a veterinary technician, got a certification in canine rehabilitation and a license to rehabilitate wildlife and had her efforts noticed by Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Ray.
Winfrey did a segment on Angel's Gate; Marino's center won $50,000 from the Food Network star. There was an appearance on Martha Stewart, an ASPCA Founders award and a Woman of Distinction honor from the state of New York.
Not all the attention was welcomed. The hospice came under fire from animal rights activists whose undercover investigation led to five cruelty charges against Marino.
Acting on a tip from a job applicant, an animal rights group sent in an undercover agent posing as a volunteer to scout the 100-acre ranch in rural upstate New York that 75 dogs, 230 cats, three horses and nine birds currently call home. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said the investigation found paralyzed dogs dragging themselves around until they developed bloody skin ulcers while their wheeled carts hung on a fence unused; animals kept in diapers for several days, causing urine scald; animals with open wounds and respiratory infections that weren't taken to a veterinarian..."  More 

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Anonymous said...

The woman is sick - and a hoarder that makes animals suffer. At her own admittance, she allows dead for days along with livinganimals to be left animals. Time for a psychological exam i think.

Anonymous said...

In my opion Susan was railroaded by PETA. Let's look at the evidence, not much, after years of pictures and videos. They come up with 3 or 4 very sick animals going through treatment, for some their is none. The condtions were very clean, so was the animal, I couldn't find any pictures with feces and urine anywhere. If you neglect and abuse animals, where is the infection? If it were nasty and inhumane, it would be dirty. Susan is the oppisite of Peta, they don't think these animals have a right to live, they think they would be better off dead. I am not making this up, read the truth about PETA. Google Peta and educate yourself on all the animals they kill each year and to think I used to support them. They are a extreme group, and they get things done with all the members and money. You thought you were helping the animals, according to all the news reports, they aren't very nice. By the way, Susans petition kicks you out, imagine that. Susan is a wonderful person, and because society is ignorant and doesn't research PETA, they unfairly targted her.
I know this is a stupid question, but what about those poor animals, humans don't care. If you are one of those people that don't care, don't be surprised one day when your in their shape, no one cares about you either.

Anonymous said...

All charges were dropped against her, she did a wonderful job and was the first person in the United States to open up a hospice for animals to live their lives out. She received the animals in that condition, for some all you could do is let them live their lives out. She opened her doors to everyone to see and help. She had a lot of volunteers that helped her with all the animals. She had a VET on the premisis to care for the animals. She thought animals deserve to live out their lives as humans do. Their was no fiflth, mistreatment, toture or any of that bs in the evidence. No goverment agency found anything, this was all PETA.
How long is everyone going to put up with living by PETA standards? Have you researched them on the net. They bully, blackmail, harass, ruin peoples lives, from Rihanna, Lady Gaga, tons of movie stars, movies, cosmeics,farmers,hunters, even President Obama, yet no one will go up against them. They kill 95% of the animals they rescue, they don't think people should have pets. And if they single you out, you will do what they say, or your life with be a living Hell. Google PETA kills Animals and you will see, they do not deserve the right to play government.