Friday, January 27, 2012

Dozens of Animals Found Dead at Alabama Shelter

Ariel Wulff

Summerdale Alabama Police received a tip Thursday about abandoned animals that led them to the Purple Hearted Puppies rescue organization and boarding facility  on County Road 36 in Summerdale. Police forced down the front door, where they found puppies inside that hadn’t had food or water for over a week.
A news video on shows the three puppies scrambling to drink water that police and rescuers gave them. They are the same three puppies that Purple Hearted Puppies owner, Sharon Dueitt, posted on her Facebook wall and wrote that somebody had dropped off at the shelter on January 17th.
Initial reports are that dozens of animals have been found dead at the facility, which housed close to 200 animals, including cats, dogs, goats, horses and chickens. Police and rescue workers said the animals they found hadn’t been fed or watered in nearly two weeks, although in some instances, cases of food were set outside of kennels where animals could see them and not reach them.
Purple Hearted Puppies is also a boarding facility, and Baldwin County Humane Society and Summerdale police were calling pet owners Thursday night to pick up their pets. Not all of them were alive.  Some dogs that had been housed together had resorted to eating kennel mates that had died of dehydration or starvation.
Sonja Presley with the Baldwin County Humane Society told reporters that the owners of the shelter were out of town, and the people left in charge of the facility never showed up.
Despite this, the owner of  PurpleHearted Puppies, Sharon Dueitt, had been posting to her personal facebook page all week from the Robertsdale, Loxley and Summerdale areas, a ten mile radius. She makes no mention of being out of town.  Dueitt posted on the 21st that she was taking care of family business and would be posting animals for adoption on Monday the 23rd, yet on that day she indicated that she was sick with the stomach flu..."  More & video

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