Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hoarding rescue overwhelms animal shelter

By Sean Moody

Workers at the Franklin County Humane Society say they're slammed after taking in 30 dogs from one house here in Frankfort on top of a population that's already at capacity.

"They just want to be held. They're scared to death while you're picking them up, but once you're holding them, they just love it. They just want to be next to you," says Angie Stewart of the Franklin County Humane Society.

Animal Control removed 23 dogs from a house on East Main Street Tuesday, then removed more today for a total of 30. Angie Stewart says caring for the dogs has put a tremendous strain on the humane society.

"We spayed and neutered them yesterday. We heartworm-tested all the dogs. They've got all got their rabies boosters, de-worming. We've gone through some of our resources to make sure these dogs are taken care of," she says.

Frankfort Police says it's not yet clear if the woman who owned the dogs broke any laws. They say there's no law that limits the number of dogs someone can own. It'll be up to the Humane Society and Animal Control to determine whether the living conditions constituted animal cruelty. Some say laws need to be stiffer...."  More & video

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